Hko's -- (under construction)

Some small programs for GNU/Linux:


Example program how to do a custom authentication against LDAP for Pure-FTPd using its "pure-authd" daemon.

Get it here: pureldaplogincount-0.01.tar.gz

GNU autoconf / automake example

"myprog" is an bare source package to demonstrate how to make autoconf / automake generate a configure script that accepts a custum --with-foo option. It also uses the ac_define_dir from the GNU autoconf archive to make the data directory (the --datadir option which defaults to $PREFIX/share) available to your program through a #define in config.h.

Get it here: myprog-0.1.tar.gz


This is template/demonstration program to handle push buttons or switches connected to a serial port.

At this moment "serswitch" does nothing useful really, it just waits for one of the four switches/buttons to be pressed or released, and then it prints to stdout what happened. Serswitch is more like a "first-try" or template program, intended to become a xmms plugin one day, if somebody cares to write it (I might).

You can download the source for serswitch here.


Heiko Noordhof